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How to Build Shoulder Gangster Physique in less than 6 weeks

... WITHOUT worrying about how to budget, diet, train, & find motivation

Meet Ben

Hi I’m Ben Lim. 

I help working professionals achieve an admirable physique in the eyes of public so you can attain your best esteem and health. Empowering You to focus and accomplish more in other areas of life – relationships and career.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 7 years.  

I’ve met more than 1000 clients and have helped hundreds of working professionals to attain their best physique – broad shoulders, sexy back, big chest, washboard abs and a perky butt. As a result, many of them feel much more confident in their own body and achieve better fitness, mental focus and positivity.
And the thing is, many of them are busy working adults  that have multiple commitments who work 10 hours a day 6 days a week.
They are able to achieve and deliver exceptional results beyond their own expectations with the program.
Most trainers don’t have a beauty standard perception and don’t have a proper long-term customised plan.

One right program is all it takes to achieve your best life. One wrong move and you could waste years chasing the wrong thing and achieving little to no result. 

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